Who can a woman be in church


Who can a woman be in church

Who can a woman be in church
Who can a woman be in church

Let’s say you are sitting in a cafe or restaurant. A waitress comes up to you and offers a menu. It definitely doesn’t bother you that the waiter is female.

Further, even if you find out that the chef in the kitchen of the establishment is a woman, you will not experience any discomfort. Or take the fact that most of the time, taking care of the house (cooking, cleaning, paying bills, taking care of children, etc.) lies almost entirely on the fragile shoulders of a woman.

No, men, of course, are good fellows – they are always ready to shove a mountain of responsibilities on the fair sex, and when it comes to the posts of “wedding generals” (the nominal head of the family and the leader of a religious community), they begin to resent the fact that women are encroaching on their legal rights.

Probably, the problem is that men rarely come to understand that in the family or relationships between Christians, there is no place for the “hand of the drivers”.

The community of believers should not have any thrones in “high places” in altars, presidential tables in the stands, front benches for priests, solemn ordinations to the priesthood, etc.

Just look at the functions of deacons and overseers in the church as the attendants of public meals. It would never occur to anyone that women should not “take care of the tables.” Yes, some women can be chatty, why it is fair to keep quiet in church like that.

However, due to their excessive talkativeness, no one can say that God cannot endow them with the gifts of the Spirit, among which may be the gifts of prophecy, apostleship, diakonia, etc.

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