What to do when the going gets tough 2022


What to do when the going gets tough

What to do when the going gets tough.
What to do when the going gets tough. Vladimir Maglena

I think that when we are having the hardest time, that is when God is closest to us. When things are going well, how often do we remember the Lord, and if so, how sincerely?

In times of trouble and despair, we change, becoming meek as children and gentle, humble and receptive to new information that we did not receive in “good times.

Then we simply have to ask the Lord to show us the error that we have made and brought upon ourselves. Often it is our stubbornness that we sin against and do not know that it is the beginning of all our troubles.

Changing our lives begins with recognizing our mistakes and wrongdoing. There is probably no other way to change anything in our lives.

For the soul to calm down, it needs to return home, that is to come to itself. The home of our soul is our heart. And only in our heart does our soul meet the Lord, through sincere and simple prayer to Him. And only He can reconcile our souls with all that is going on around us.

“And you will seek Me, and you will find Me, if you seek Me with all your heart. And I will be found by you, says the Lord” Jeremiah 29:13,14

Prayer to the Lord should be the beginning and end of the day. And throughout the day, we need to remind the Lord of our existence.

It is our only salvation in the sea of life. Only in prayer do we receive solace and many answers to the questions that trouble us. We need to learn to pray as the only necessary thing, and everything else will be attached. It is not in vain that the holy fathers say, “Prayer is the breath of life.

What to do when

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