TikTok Phenomenon and Gospel


TikTok Phenomenon and Gospel

Do we want to attract youth to the Church?

I wonder if we really know how to do this or we are just confining ourselves to conversations?

I’ve recently registered at TikTok. For those who don’t know, this is a new, developing social network.

TikTok is mainly for youth and this is not surprising, as they are everywhere where a fresh wind of progress blows. I’ve been surfing there and have to admit there aren’t ours there, and probably, it’s wonderful.

There the wind of youth, enthusiasm, energy, and freshness blows. No trace of mothballs smelling. I found there a young twenty-six-year-old Protestant pastor from Ukraine

Our preachers have nothing to do there because they get used to long harassing even from a network pulpit, but TikTok has nothing in common with such thinking, as video limit there has to take no more than one minute, and this is wonderful, because brevity is the mother of talent and great wisdom and, as life shows, is very much appreciated by young people.

I do not like long monologues, that is only a waste of the audience’s time. Looking into the Gospel we will understand, that Christ didn’t like verbosity either. His speeches were SHORT, as in TikTok.

So, I recommend all our pastors and caring people to look into the world of TikTok and look at our youth, not to teach there, but learn these young people.

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