The world is woven 2022


The world is woven out of our lives as we work out God’s plan for us and for us. We are knots in God’s good pleasure for us.

The world is woven
The world is woven

The priest’s most important task is to make the people around him stop being afraid. Even at the cost if they use the courage he gives them against himself. This is the highest gift of fatherhood, so to speak.
It is what God Himself does.

In the beginning was a deed, not a word.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1.1

With these words the great book of the Bible begins.

Politicians probably need to know this, and theologians probably need to know it too.

Faith without works is dead, and what are words that are not confirmed by works. In this age of post-truth, people no longer believe on word of mouth.

Fear of being misunderstood.
It shackles and destroys. But as soon as you trust yourself, your heart and the quiet voice of your conscience, and take a step toward your destiny, you realize that that fear was not from God.

God was waiting for your determination, because He loves man so much that He appreciates every choice he makes. Do not be afraid to be yourself. That is why Christ suffered for us, so that we would not be afraid to be.

I think we who have been church-going for many years need to ask ourselves what we have done so that Christianity can take root and flourish in the world. After all, we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We like to talk to our fellow “theologians” on lofty religious topics. But do we think about those outside the fence of the church? How many times have we passed the sufferer because we were late for worship? We run around with our patriarchies, matriarchies, and other huts. Who are we trying to prove something to?

People look at us and think, “Did Christ himself preach that? After all, even people distant from the church are familiar with the Sermon on the Mount, are familiar with the teachings of Christ. What are our theological arguments to them, if they have nothing to eat or drink, and some have nowhere to live.

There’s a war on the street, and we’ve got spears to break, who’s true and who’s not true. Christ is where the afflicted are, not where they argue about praising Him properly. He doesn’t need to be rightly praised, He needs mercy.

It is rightly said, “A hungry man will not understand a hungry man.


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