On the breaks of human destinies

На разломах человеческих судеб / On the breaks of human destinies
On the breaks of human destinies

On the breaks of human destinies, you can break yourself, but if you do not delve into other people’s problems, you will be like salt that has lost its strength.

And oh paradox, if you break, then where is that power? And there he will answer, a broken person becomes a beggar, spiritually poor according to the Gospel, and then the Holy Spirit comes into play and happens according to the word of the Lord:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven Мф.21.42
And in the same Gospel, it is said: “that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl, for the sake of which the merchant sold all his estate in order to acquire it”

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Gift of God, peace, and joy of the heart.

The kingdom of God is within you Matthew 21.42 Matthew 21.42
Be patient, God is not a debtor. Everything that is said by Him, everything will come true on you!

On the rifts of human destinies, God is waiting for you. Only there it can be found.

In conclusion, live your life, don’t look at others. When to live, if you look around and are afraid of what they will think of you. Don’t you know that no one needs a person except his loved ones and God?

Take advantage of this, don’t get discouraged. The spiritual benefit must be derived from everything.

Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves: therefore, be intelligent as serpents, and as artless as doves. Matthew 21.42 Matthew 21.42
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