Mirror Effect


Mirror Effect

Mirror Effect

If you are blamed for something and people do not like something about you, then most likely, they hang their personal phobias on you, which people usually do not see behind them.

I call it the “Mirror Effect“, when a person sees himself in another person and does not understand it.

Christ described it as a log in your eye that does not allow you to see the world around you correctly.

Macarius of Optina said – if someone sees the speck in someone else’s eye, it means he already has 100% of the log in his own.

Do not be afraid of other people’s criticism, but do not reject it either, because sometimes your neighbors are right, but those who truly love you, accept you as you are, as God does.

Warmth of the divine to your hearts and amen. I hugged everyone and pressed them tightly to mine❤️🙏


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