It reminds me a lot of today’s Russia and Russians


It reminds me a lot of today’s Russia and Russians

Today’s Gospel and some thoughts on this topic:

“When Jesus was on the other side, in the land of Gadarina, two men came out of the burial caves to meet Him. They were possessed by demons and so fierce that no one could pass that way.

What do you need from us, Son of God? – they shouted. “Did you come here to torture us ahead of time?”

A large herd of pigs was grazing in the distance.

And the demons began to ask Him: “If You drive us out, let us into this herd of pigs.”

“Go,” Jesus answered them. Leaving the possessed, the demons entered the pigs. At the same moment, the whole herd rushed off the cliff into the sea and perished in the waves.

The swineherds ran to the city and told about everything that had happened to the possessed.

Then the whole city came out to meet Jesus. And when they saw Him, they asked Him not to enter their city and to leave its surroundings.

Jesus returned to the boat, crossed to the other side and arrived in His city.

Matthew 8:28-9:1

The inhabitants of Gadarene saw the strange miracle of the Lord, manifested in the expulsion of the legion of demons, and nevertheless, they went out throughout the city and begged the Lord “that He would not enter their city and leave its surroundings” (Mt. 8:34).

They were not hostile to Him, but they did not believe in Him either. They were covered by some vague insurance, for which they wished only: go by, wherever you know, just don’t touch us.

This is a true image of people who live peacefully in their estates. The order of things was unfavorable for them; they are used to it, there is no thought or need to change or cancel anything, and they are afraid to take some new step.

Sensing, however, that when the order comes from above, the fear of God and conscience will force them to abandon the old and accept the new, they avoid in every way cases that can lead them to such convictions that, under the guise of ignorance, they live calmly in their old habits.


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