Doubt is the key to life and mental health, and the prophets of today


Doubt is the key to life and mental health, and the prophets of today

key to life and mental health Сумнів - запорука життя і психічного здоров‘я, та пророки сьогодення
Today we read the Gospel of Luke: 8:5-15

A little bit of my vision of this Gospel passage:

Not all of us are lucky to live on the good land, most of us were born and live among thorns.

Under the thorns that suppress the word of divine truth, in addition to the troubles of life, we must now understand that there are certain opinion leaders (prophets of today) who have flooded the information space of the world and deliberately do not adhere to the word of God, or think that they know the Word and are guided by it, but in fact they have never even opened the Gospel in their lives, and they have not seen the Word.

We have a lot of such leaders and they have the right to be and speak because we have a democracy: in fact, they act like a vinegar, entering unnoticed, clouding the head and bringing to the loss of clear consciousness of everything around. Whoever gets a hold of this vinegar, he begins to dream like a sleepy person, because everything seems to him not in the way it is and as it seems to someone who is in his right mind, thus losing peace and tranquility in his soul, because he does not know where the truth is.

When you meet such a person, you see that not only all truth is suppressed in him, but the sense of truth is also suppressed, and lies have penetrated into all the parts of the mind and senses.

What is to be done? Do not watch and do not read the nonsense that they bring into the world, and when you unwittingly heard or read it – throw it out of your mind, and if it does not go away – you need to question it and your judgment, and everything will go up like smoke.

Do not be afraid to doubt the information, and then the thorns will not overshadow the truth of God, which is begging in your heart, because what is God is not killed by doubt and prudence, but only takes root in the heart even more.


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