Christ Heals Now

Исцеляет и теперь
Иисус Христос / Jesus Christ

Christ Heals Now. Today, during the divine service, we heard the following gospel words: “And, going down with them, He stood out of the blue, and a multitude of His disciples and many people from all Judea and Jerusalem and the seaside places of Tire and Sidon, who came to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases, also those suffering from unclean spirits; and they were healed. And all the people sought to touch Him because power proceeded from Him and healed every one. ” Luke 6.17:19

Do not think that it was then, but now it is not. Everything remained the same. Healings of the sick are taking place now during the Sacrament of the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ. Christ is still with us as He promised.

I have often encountered such cases, but you better read the testimony of Philip Vigel.

The famous memoirist Philip Philipovich Vigel once fell seriously ill. The doctor quickly responded to the call, but after examining the patient, he did not say anything to him. “I asked him,” Vogel recalled, “why all over my skin the red spots that appeared at first turned into purple, but now they turned black?” “Yes, your tongue is already all black,” he answered. ” When the doctor was leaving the bedroom, the patient heard well how he advised the servant not to give medicine to the dying man in vain, since he had no more than a day to live. A priest was immediately invited to give the sick man communion.
“After this was accomplished,” writes Vigel, “suddenly strength began to come to me so quickly, without the help of medicines, that my brother, no longer finding his presence necessary for me, went home two days later. A miracle happened to me, like a miracle! I can say that I have tasted death ”

Christ Heals Now

Vladimir Maglena

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