About a heartfelt cry and a silent prayer


About a heartfelt cry and a silent prayer

About a heartfelt cry and a silent prayer

Today’s Gospel Luke 8:41-56 and some reflections on it.

Jairus loudly, falling at the feet of the Savior, begged the Lord for the healing of his daughter, and was heard. The Lord, without saying anything, immediately got up and went to him.

On the way to Jairus, the bleeding woman was healed, of course, also not without prayer on her part, although she did not cry out loud and did not fall down at the feet of the Lord: she had a heartfelt quiet prayer of faith. The Lord heard her and gave her healing.

Here everything happened secretly. The bleeding heart turned to the Lord; the Lord heard this cry of the heart and satisfied the request. The prayer of this wife and Jairus is essentially the same, although we can distinguish some degrees in them. Such prayers full of faith, hope and devotion are never unanswered.

They say sometimes: “I pray, I pray, and my prayer is not heard by God”. But try to go to the extent of prayer without fail, you will see why it is not heard. If you are in a prayer position, like Jairus, or in a simple ordinary one, like everyone around you, like a bleeding woman, when the real prayer call moves in your heart, it will undoubtedly enter the Lord and incline Him to mercy.

The thing is how to come to such a prayer. Work hard and you will get there. All attempts at prayer have the purpose of elevating the prayers to such a degree of prayer, and all those who wisely go through this prayer path reach their goal.

In calm, humility and constancy, true prayer is born that reaches the Lord.

Warmth of the divine to your hearts and amen. I hugged everyone and pressed them tightly to my

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